Turnplay 1.5

Turnplay - The #1 vinyl record player for iPad

Turnplay - The #1 vinyl record player for iPad

Full emulation of a real turntable on iPad. Brilliant design and realistic physics for exciting

feelings and pleasure. Download Turnplay, launch it and instantly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the vinyl era and analogue music.

The most realistic vinyl turntable design on the entire AppStore

- 100% support of Retina Display

- Realistic animation and sounds

Full emulation of a real turntable

- Slow down/speed up playback (pitch control)

- Record control (scratch)

- Switching playback speed using 33/45 buttons

Vinyl record collection with exciting user experience and design

- Turn your favorite music into virtual vinyl records

- Attractive album covers?

- Two methods of playback: Shuffle and Queue

Ramotion iOS developers spent days exploring Technics's turntables to make the application realistic and capable of conveying the process of playing vinyl. Every detail was executed with extraordinary precision. There is no competitor on the AppStore that has the same realistic physics and design.

This application is designed for listening music from your iPad iTunes library in beautiful old-fashioned way.

music, turntables, vinyl record lovers and people who are crazy about realistic high quality interface design.



Turnplay 1.5

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